Web Site Designing

Research has shown that a user spends less than 8 seconds on a website or less. You just have a few important moments to tell the most important things, and they decide if they will stay or not.

90 percent of web pages are not listed on the first 3 pages and if you expect your potential customer to see your website, you must reach the first page.

You can do the math, if you didn’t do it right, your web site going to just couple of fancy letters to print on your business card.

Happy Customer

Until you love it

We want you to love the look of your website. We ‘re here to work with you to discover and share your vision with the world. With unlimited design changes, we continue to refine the design until you’ve given us the thumbs.

Unlimited Support

Support Unlimited

When we deliver your website to you, our service does not stop there. We know that a website is like a flower. It changes with the intensity of your imagination, it grows. When you come up with an idea, we ‘re always going to be standing next to you to make it reflect.


Experience & Practice

For more than 10 years, we designed websites. Our expertise in designing custom websites, CMS, shopping website designing, hosted application, hosting and supporting websites has gained. Feel good that what we tied and tested and filterd out practices during that time.



The design of our website is easy to maintain. You can update and modify yourself, too. We use, User friendly and modern backends like WordPress & Shopify. We love the flexibility of work. We love to offer flexibility to you as well.


We are not another web design company that has designers the other side of the globe. You can sit down with our web designers and tell them what’s in your mind and, of course, get a personalised and professional service and a website.

Insightful Web Site Design

When you think about having a web site for your business. First think, why do I need a web site? That makes the process whole lot easier and trust me it’ll save you a massive amount of time, money and hassle.

Usually, a business looking for a web site for a 5 reasons.

      1. Credibility
        • You need a website with professional look, contact details and business information. Usually It’s containing 4 pages Home, Services, Contact us, About us. For a website, this is the cheapest option.
      2. Business Showcase
        • It is more like a Website built for credibility, but this Website offers an additional option for publishing products , services or previous work with a Portfolio or Galley.
      3. Publication purposes
        • Websites designed for content publishing purposes may be equipped with a number of additional options in accordance with business requirements. Blog, Wiki, File Sharing Facility, Document Management System, multiple user roles and a number of other options.
      4. Marketing Material
        • If your web site building to bring more leads to your business using lead generation, SEO & Local SEO, this site may contain so many additional features as per your requirements. Mean while the site will be optimized for speed and content written for SEO purposes.
      5. Shop Front
        • This site can be just a shopping cart with a few products or a complicated web site with thousands of products and services.

Get to know what you’re looking for on your website. It’s no longer just a stand alone thing. It’s your brand’s first look and feel. Define your ideal customer base. Define your ideal demographics, locations and what you would like to tell your customers about your business and brand.

When you do your homework, you’ll be astounded by JRC Media-Web Designers building a web site with your guideline. It’s not going to be just another website that has ever known to be excised.

Web Design

We have taken all necessary measures to develop websites at lower cost for all to ensure an efficient service, without neglecting the quality of their design and operation. In other words, we specialise in designing and redesigning SEO optimised, customised websites at more than reasonable rates, that have been built and developed by means of web-marketing techniques using the most powerful technologies on the market!

Web Designing

Affordable websites without compromising on quality

Web marketing enthusiasts have been wondering for a long time what digital resources can encourage your success. How can we develop strategies which distinguish you from the competition?

We take time to understand and work with the world in which you operate both to design and to update a website. Our convergent interest in our customers reconciles our work with the understanding of your client, industry or sector in order to create customer loyalty and increase sales.

Some of Our Features

  • Modern, Responsive and Professional Web Design
  • Cross - Platform Compatibility (tested on - Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Cross - Browser Compatibility (tested on - Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera & Firefox)
  • Dynamic Contact us form
  • SEO Friendly
  • User Friendly Design
  • Functionality
  • SEO Ready
  • Speed Optimized
  • Unique & Fresh Content
  • Search Engine Tracking

    Types Of Websites We Do

    • Simple HTML Websites
    • Blogs
    • Corporate Websites
    • Shopping carts, E-Commerce Web Sites
    • News / Information portal
    • Non Government Organization Websites (NGO)
    • Not For Profit Organization Websites (NFP)
    • Portfolio Websites
    • Social Engagement Sites
    • Web Applications

    Search Engine Optimization

    Creating effective, sustainable, and accessible Google content can now be overwhelming. To order to do this, our team uses different digital approaches such as optimising natural referencing and choosing high-quality content that is customised to your business needs.
    Know more about our, Search Engine Optimisation Service

    Social Media Management

    Social networks-Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, LinkedIn and several others-have become a platform for expanding many small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. We draw the attention of other generations and make Internet users aware of the ideals of a few brands, which is why many businesses stick to them.
    know more about our Social Media Management Service.

    Maintenance & Hosting

    Regardless of the business, maintaining and hosting a website is critical in terms of profitability, efficiency and health of the website, among other things. know more about out Hosting & Maintenance Service


    Our Vision

    Our system of “business philosophy” is designed to ensure that all of our clients are provided with a return on investment ( ROI). Keep it in mind that our websites are built to create significant traffic in order to maximise your turnover, so that Internet users can guide themselves to your website and thus turn prospects into genuine clients.

    While our agency aims to build loyalty to our customers?

    We share with you this expectaions. We analyse the market in order to target the right clients on a platform tailored to their preferences and the values of your company, with engaging material. Reaching our customers to captivate them, educate them and make their lives easier through simple navigation is the optimal way to increase their conversion rate.

    Contact us to build your site!