Need more customer in to your locally operated Business?

Thousands of Australians are searching for businesses daily. Just to find the best local businesses, services & products in their suburb or near them. Even without knowing, if you look search for something on your phone, results always comes with the map with number of businesses. If your business is not in that list, That’s where you can use our service to reach that missing customers.

80% of Mobile Searches, leads to local businesses. That’s right. 80% of times when some one search locally, that mean business. Often they are searching for a service near by or looking for something to buy, or they would like to visit your shop at least or inquire over the phone. Let your mind go wild and imagine what possibilities your local customers can offer. More traffic. More Leads. More Sales. More Opportunities.

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Why local SEO?

Thousands of consumers in Australia look for the best local businesses in their area on a regular basis. If you are not listed in the first page of your service or product search in your area, doesn’t matter even if you are the best of what you do, you just lost another customer.

JRC Media – Local SEO services deliver a specific marketing strategy that focuses on the local target market. After our expert team developed a marketing plan that suits your needs, we ensure and place your company on leading search pages. Our team will perform an analysis of your current website and study keywords that can target your audience and refine them on-site. Our content authors will list local quotes and keywords to ensure upward search engine progress. We also provide services such as reputation management to increase your voice share on the Internet, which will provide you with a positive milestone vital for your business

Do we have to keep doing SEO Process? Yes, SEO is an ongoing process and allows you to build a positive brand image in the eyes of your target market. According to a recent statics, more than 80% of consumers are searching for Google for goods and services and more than 90% of the businesses are not accessible on Google’s first page. This clearly shows how much is the competition is. Everyday a business like yours start pushing to get in to the first page and someone falls in to the second page.

Regarding local searches, Today, people don’t even botther to provide postcodes, subtle keywords and information on the city. Your search engines automatically pick it up from your location details of your phone or network provider details. As Melbourne’s local SEO, local SEO Melbourne or local SEO near me.¬†

Local SEO Service - Melbourne

We design and layout your Websites in a way that suits your businesses and also suites Search engines. This is a sure way to increase your website traffic. We have great expertise in growing small and medium-sized companies that can help them expand and stand against the competition. We trust that we make it not only easy but also meaningful for you to work with us.

10 Things we do to list your on the first page of google

Key word research

Keyword analysis includes the identification of terms and search phrases used to search in websites such as Google, Bing and YouTube.

It is the foundation of all other SEO & local SEO tasks. Therefore, the first step in any SEO campaign is typically the target keyword analysis.

Social Media Fortress

Social Media plays a huge role today when it comes to promoting your business. But it’s not going to stop there. These signals tell the search engine how involved you are.

Google My Business

Google My Business service is one of the greatest Google opportunities. It’s linked to google maps and your location. If you provide the best possible service and receive 5 star reviews from your customers. You’ve been set for life.

Backlink Building

It’s not just backlinks for local SEO. You need a local backlink. It can help your business in two different ways.

  1. Reach more customers through reputable channels and websites.
  2. Get stronger backlinks can help improve your domain authority.

On page SEO

aka On-site-SEO. We optimize, content title tags, internal and URLs according to the requirements. Speed up site loading time and optimize Headers. Optimize images and make your website mobile friendly. We can go and on with a whole list of things.

local Citations

Local cirations are like your community business verification. Local directories and other local blogs and community pages have a remarkable value on your business page.

Need more sales for your business?

SEO is no longer a fancy, big business marketing utility! You can use the power of the internet to your advantage, at a fraction of the cost, for another marketing person with less trouble.

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